Investment, strategy and process expertise for the technologies of the future.

KAPA represents the technology and management, based on the extensive experience of both of KAPA its partners with setting up and managing successful IT businesses.

We provide businesses with support both as a consultancy and as an investment partner. Our work focuses on efficient process design and support for the development of lean, successful structures. Our mission is to turn innovators into successful business people, and in this context we focus on long-term success rather than making a short-term profit.

We work with our portfolio businesses to identify growth potential at an early stage and are thus able to ensure that they are heading in the right direction.

We have worked with foreign and domestic investors in our own business for many years now and so we know exactly what people setting up businesses expect and hope for from investors. We know the highs and the lows that they experience in their day-to-day work. We see investor activity as business activity, which is why we work on an entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur basis.

We don’t invest as a hobby, we invest because it's our job.
We have never stopped being entrepreneurs.

Gerhard Pail

We have the patience and experience to develop founder to entrepreneurs.

Frank Kappe
>100 m €
Return on Investment per year

Active or has been active


Who we are

The people behind KAPA are Frank Kappe and Gerhard Pail. We are longstanding partners and understand how best to pool our strengths and experience so as to smooth the path of our portfolio businesses to success.

Frank Kappe

  • Partner, KAPA Ventures
  • Innovation authority and internet pioneer
  • Operated one of the first worldwide servers
  • Founder and longstanding CTO of Hyperwave AG
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Dean and Professor at Graz University of Technology
  • Several C-Level positions at AT, DE, UK, SGP, CH, FR, CA

Gerhard Pail

  • Partner, KAPA Ventures
  • Expert in the transformation of innovation into business
  • Co-founder and CFO, COO of Hyperwave AG
  • Co-founder and CEO of Know-Center GmbH
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Worked for or is working for ARC, Joanneum Research, Graz Univ. of Techn.
  • Several C-Level positions at AT, DE, UK, SGP, CH, FR, CA


A selection from the portfolio of businesses we have (co-)founded and/or financed


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